Klaudia Ka

Klaudia Ka

(Klaudia Jaworska)

Painter, born in 1984 in Warsaw. Lives and works in Poland and Italy. Graduated with distinction at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in 2008. A two-time winner of the EAS and MEN Scholarship. First Place winner in the “Chance” painting contest, co-organized by the Mutu Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In addition to painting, she also works as a graphic designer and organizes cultural events alongside the Hokuspokus Association. Her paintings are in private collections in Poland, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Canada and USA.



2003-2008 Master studies on European Academy of Arts in Warsaw

2008 Painting master’s degree with honors on European Academy of Arts in Warsaw; at the Department of Painting in professor Barbara Szubińskia studio, additional Graphic Design diploma in Mieczysław Wasilewski studio


Individual exhibitions:

MEDITATIONS, ‘Wejście przez sklep z platerami’, Warsaw, 2018

Nightshade is growing there, Gallery 81º, Warsaw, 2014

Long, long winter, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow, 2014

Supernature, Gallery 81º, Warsaw, 2013

Built up area, Elektor Gallery, Warsaw, 2011


Chosen group exhibitions:


HIDDEN, 81 Steps Gallery, Warsaw, 2018

In depth, Galeria przy Brami, Lublin, 2017

43. Biennale of Painting ‘Bielska Jesień’, final exposition, Bielsko Biała, 2017

Variability, Bisztynek, 2017

In depth, 81 Steps Gallery, Warsaw, 2017

In depth: Forest, Galeria Rynek, Olsztyn, 2017

In depth: Forest, Gallery of Contemporary Art Chłodna 20, Suwałki, 2017

Depth, Town gallery, Legnica, 2016

Plain-air exhibition, 53. Art Colony, Strumica, Macedonia, 2016

Intersalon AJV 2016, Tabor, Czech Republic, 2016

Depth, MiTo, Warsaw, 2016

Depth, Gallery 81º, Warsaw, 2015

Dillemma, Kraftzentrale, Straubing, Germany, 2015

KUNST OFFEN, Steinfurth, Germany, 2015

Depth, Galeria Gardzienice, Lublin, 2015

5.Triennale of painting Mariana Michalika, Town Art Gallery, Częstochowa, 2014

Competition exhibition (Gallery MUTU, Nature), Pałac Sztuki, Cracow, 2012

Cult-U-re Gallery 81º, Warsaw, 2011

Dangerous Liaisons, Elektor Gallery, Warsaw, 2011

Dangerous Liaisons, NCK Gdańsk, 2011

Plein Air Painting Exhibition, Masovia Museum, Płock 2010

Water, Centralny Basen Artystyczny, Warsaw, 2009



2006 i 2007 Europejan Academy of Arts Schollarship – annual

2008 Minister of Education Schollarship – annual


Plain-airs and art residencies:

2016 53. International Art Colony, Strumica, Macedonia

2016 International Art Meeting, Montedoro, Sicily, Italy

2015 II International Plain-air by Bug river, Brok, Poland

2015 “Świętokrzyski” Plain-air, Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Poland

2015 Palette People Artists Residency, Vagamon, Kerala, India

2011 Artist from Mazovia, #M Festival, Karolin, Poland

2009 VIII Integration Plain-air, Gostynin, Poland

2006 i 2007 EAS Plain-air Nadrzecze/Biłgoraj, Poland