I am figurative, narrative painter.

In my work I explore themes related to the relationship between man and nature, the psychology and biology. Inspiration of nature, it is the starting point for every image – whether it is a portrait, a study of the object or landscape.

The analysis of the natural structures is to me the most important tool to seek the truth about the perception of reality and of myself. My working method is a continuous struggle between realistic approach with need of synthesis. It helps me to gain some distance to my own emotions during work.

Often I paint the forest and objects found there – stones, pieces of wood and leaves. Forest symbolizes unconscious state of mind but also the return to nature, a place where man regains balance and its original instincts. I’m not avoiding autobiographical themes by painting self-portraits, objects or scenes associated with important events in my life. I am simplifying them and trying to give universal meaning. Series of images are arranged in histories, and so they can be read – as a stories about life and about the perception.